A pendant light is essentially any long light fixture that hangs from the ceiling to illuminate a spot or surface that might be difficult to shine light on with standard ceiling-mounted lighting, track lighting or floor lamps. In some shops, you may also hear a pendant light referred to as a ‘drop light’ or ‘suspender light’ – but these are just other words for the same lighting fixture.

Pendant lights can be suspended through different means. You may see them hanging by a cord (as is the case with this Eglo Batista model) or by a chain (as with this ornate Atrium model). In either case, the support structure by which the pendant light hangs also allows the electrical cord to piggyback on it as well.

Use Pendant Lights in These Situations

  • When You Could Use More Light on a Dining or Working Surface
    This is one of the most common reasons that people install pendant lights. A light like this can be hung above your dining room table to achieve more comfortable lighting for everyone seated at the table. And best of all, it accomplishes this whilst staying comfortably out of the way over the top of the table. They can also solve lighting issues on desks and other work surfaces.

  • When Your Entryway Could Use Some Design Attention
    Another popular place for pendant lights to be installed is in entryways and foyers. For applications like this, we have a wide range of ornate, chandelier-type pendant lights for you to peruse. Have a look at our traditional pendant light product page for inspiration, and don’t hesitate to contact us if there is a specific type of model you are looking for.  

  • When the Ceiling in a Room Is Particularly High
    High ceilings can be used to beautiful effect, but they also create lighting challenges for interior designers. An actual ceiling-mounted light may have to be extremely bright in order to be effective, and this can serve to wash out the colours in a room. A pendant light, on the other hand, brings the light source lower to the ground so that you can focus on illuminating the part of the room where you live, move and otherwise operate.

  • When You Would Like to Introduce More Ambient Light
    Opposite the previous point, there are situations in which more ambient light is required. For this, an inverted pendant light is useful. It directs light toward the ceiling for a softer, more ambient glow. This can be an ideal alternative to more focused light sources when you’re more interested in setting the mood.  

Order Pendant Lights in Sydney from Carlton Lighting

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