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The right lighting fixture can completely transform any room. Wall mounted lamps can provide task lighting, light up a hallway, or even highlight a feature. Whether you want it to be a main lighting source or an accent light, these products are incredibly versatile and add style to any space.

Carlton Lighting offers an extensive selection of products for every space in your home or commercial establishment. Whether you need lights for one room or the entire house, we know how to make the most of your space with our products. You get incredible value when you shop with us.

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Limitless Style Options

Choose from a selection of wall lights in different sizes and styles. Whether you prefer traditional or modern fixtures, we have everything you need. We offer a full range of products that beautifully complement all interior spaces from bedrooms and dining areas to hallways and staircases.

Many of our products also use LED lighting which is extremely energy efficient, reducing power usage and saving on replacement costs. Whatever your style preferences, you can find exactly what you want here.

Shop Quality Wall Lights For Any Budget

We offer an extensive selection of quality lighting products to suit any budget. If you find a better deal elsewhere, we will price match. All fittings have at least a one year warranty for peace of mind.
With an unlimited range of lights, all you need to do is provide us with a brand and model number, and we will place the order for you. Our staff can also assist with your lighting plans and designs. Browse our selection of products here or contact us directly for personalised assistance.