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Our products are incredibly versatile types of lighting. The different configurations and styles available enable you to use them in creative ways. Install them to light up a workshop or place them in the backyard to illuminate the patio. The number of things you can do is truly unlimited.

Carlton Lighting offers an extensive selection of stylish and elegant lights at affordable prices. Whether for indoor or outdoor purposes, you can find the right products here. Our staff is here to help with all your lighting needs.

Our lighting inventory includes spotlights with:

  • Halogen: These bulbs are known for their high efficiency and lighting quality as well as their longevity.
  • LED: LED lights are incredibly energy efficient with a long life. These bulbs are now widely used across different applications.
  • Fluorescent: Fluorescent lights are commonly found in residential and commercial establishments but also have their drawbacks.

Which one you choose depends on your lighting preferences. If you have any questions, we are happy to provide assistance. Whether you need single or multiple lights, we can help. Our company has been delivering high quality products for years.

Save Time and Money

We are committed to providing competitive prices on our extensive selection. Our products are second to none. Combined with our outstanding prices, you get incredible value when you choose us as your light fixture provider.

Not sure which lighting options to buy? We work closely with you to help you best utilise your space. The result is a stunning finish that beautifully illuminates your home or office.

A Wide Range of Spotlights

The premium quality lighting products in our broad spotlight selection fall into two categories – Halogen and LED and Fluorescent. Both these popular spotlight varieties offer a variety of benefits depending on where they’ll be installed and how that particular space is used.

Halogen Spotlights

While halogen spotlight filaments burn hotter, they’re remarkably energy-efficient, deliver instant light, are compatible with dimmers and can be installed in all environments, both indoors and out. Our halogen spotlight range features a diverse array of configurations and styles from brands such as Cougar Lighting and Mercator.

LED and Fluorescent Spotlights

The latest lighting variety on the market, LED lights are illuminated with light-emitting diodes to deliver an outstanding performance in all environments. Highly efficient, reliable and delivering a significantly longer lifespan than other bulb types, we offer a superb selection of LED spotlights from the leading manufacturers on the market, including Sunny and Phonix, with a wide range of styles available.

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Lighting is one of the most important aspects as it sets the overall tone for a room.

Nice designed spotlights are excellent additions for any residential property or commercial establishment. With a wide selection available, you can choose exactly how you want your setup to be. To view our comprehensive range of halogen and LED and fluorescent spotlights, please click on the links below where you’ll find an excellent selection with detailed product descriptions to help you make informed decisions about the lighting solutions you implement at your home or place of work.