Pendant Lights Sydney

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Carlton Lighting carries an extensive range of lighting products at great prices. Choose from a variety of styles, colours, shapes, and materials. Our products are expertly crafted and use energy efficient bulbs.

Whatever your aesthetic preferences, our selection includes traditional and modern designs. From crystal pendant lighting to breakfast bar hanging lights, you can easily find the perfect style to match your existing interior decoration.

Minimalist lights with chrome and glass accents blend perfectly in a modern home while iron fixtures are particularly well suited for rustic environments. Cloth covered lights with prints can be placed in virtually any setting.

The result is a beautiful finish that adds elegant style to any space.

At Carlton Lighting, we offer more than an extensive selection of lighting products. Choosing the right fixtures for any space can be especially challenging. Our staff is available to help you choose the right products for your residential or commercial premises.

Setting the Right Scale

Different styles of lightings enhance visual impact and provide excellent illumination.

Because of these qualities, it makes sense to go with the largest items that can be reasonably be accommodated. The width of the lighting fixture above a dining table should be less than the width of the table but still be large enough to provide sufficient lighting.

Distance From the Ceiling

The optimum distance from the bottom of a fixture to a table surface depends on the intended effect. Having 30 inches above the surface is enough to provide ample illumination while reducing glare. For task lighting, 16 to 18 inches from the surface offers sufficient of lighting.

Carlton Lighting specialises in affordable, energy efficient lighting. We offer an impressive array of fixtures for both homes and large establishments and are constantly updating our inventory with new products. Contact us today for immediate and professional assistance.

Choosing Pendant Lights

With such a broad range of beautiful pendant lights to choose from, you may find that selecting the perfect set of lights for your kitchen, breakfast bar, living room or place of work to be quite tough going. However, it isn’t difficult to make the right choices about the pendant lights you choose for your home when you know what to look for.

As discussed above, the size of the lights in relation to furniture and the distance from the ceiling is important, but you must also consider the most suitable bulb types and the aesthetic style of the lights that you choose.

To select the perfect pendant lights, start by deciding the main purpose that it will serve, whether that’s accent or feature lighting, overall light and illumination or task lighting. This will help you to choose the colour and intensity of the bulb.

Next, decide upon the positioning of the light and the distance from the ceiling, and then start focusing on the aesthetics in relation to your surroundings.

If you have any queries about pendant lights or would like some assistance in making the right choices about the lights you select for your home or workplace, please contact Carlton Lighting or visit our recent pendant lights blog post  which discusses when its the perfect time to switch to pendant lights.