Oyster Lights Sydney

Wide Selection of Oyster Lights Sydney

Lighting is one of the most important design aspects. A dim room simply looks uninviting whereas the same room that shines brightly appears more welcoming. The difference is immediately apparent and why lighting matters.

So where do you start?

Oyster lights provide excellent ambient lighting from a single source. These are available in a range of sizes and styles at affordable prices. Installing the right fixtures is the first step to creating harmonious lighting.

Carlton Lighting offers a wide selection of efficient lighting products suitable for all applications. Browse our range of lighting products with standard or energy efficient globes. We offer different stylish options for all budgets whether you have limited funds or have more to spend. Oyster lights are easy to install as they attach directly to the ceiling.

The result is beautiful lighting that adds elegance and illumination to every room.

Unlimited Selection

At Carlton Lighting, we have a huge inventory of quality lighting products that are extremely energy efficient as well as economical. From home LED lighting to lower power voltage lamps, our selection of products is simply unmatched. We even carry flexible lighting systems for projects of all sizes.

Choosing the right ceiling light for your home or commercial property can be challenging. Which is why in addition to being price competitive, our staff can assist with your lighting designs. We give you professional advice on planning and designing the right lighting to suit your budget.

We supply products to all properties from residential homes to huge commercial developments. Numerous electricians and even interior designers have used our products across all types of projects. Whatever you need, we can supply you with quality products at competitive prices.

Why Choose Oyster Lighting?

Providing outstanding ambient lighting in all environments from a single source, oyster lights, also known as surface mounts and ceiling lights, are available in a broad range of sizes, shapes and styles to suit all homes and workplaces. Available with your choice of halogen or LED bulb, these energy-efficient lights deliver smoother, less obtrusive aesthetics than other lighting styles and are the ideal choice for low ceilings and environments with height restrictions as they occupy little vertical space.

Perfect for Ambient Lighting

One of the many qualities that make our oyster ceiling lights so popular is that they can be used to create superb ambient lighting. Ambient lighting provides softer illumination than direct lighting, like spotlights, making oyster lighting the ideal lighting solution for intimate or relaxing environments.   

With a comprehensive selection of halogen and LED oyster lights, Carlton Lighting has the perfect lighting solution for your home or workplace environment. And with popular brands such as Cougar, Hermosa and Mercator, you’re sure to find a lighting solution that meets your budget.

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