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Are you looking for a brighter, more energy efficient way to light up your home or business?

Carlton Lighting offers a full range of lighting products for any application. As LED specialists, we have the widest selection of lights and energy efficient fixtures. Our experienced staff can even help with the designs of your lighting plans for projects of all sizes.

With our extensive selection both in-store and online, you can find the exact products you need from LED strip lighting to downlights, fluorescent lights, outdoor lights, and much more. Our prices are extremely competitive and we even price match. If you find a lower price elsewhere, we will gladly match it.

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Energy Efficient

LED (light emitting diode) lights offer the latest in highly efficient lighting. Thanks to their advantages over competing technologies, they have quickly become the norm in both residential and commercial spaces. It uses approximately 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent bulbs.

Another notable distinction is their long lasting advantage. It has a rated lifespan of up to 50,000 hours which is approximately 50 times longer than the average incandescent light bulb. These advantages translate directly to significant savings.

Environment Friendly

CFL (compact fluorescent light) lamps represented a major step forward but there are downsides that are difficult to overlook. CFL bulbs contain mercury which is a highly toxic substance. So they must be handled and disposed of properly.

LED lights have no toxic contents and are safe to use in any setting. Since these bulbs are far more energy efficient and long lasting, the need for frequent replacements is considerably reduced. The advantages with it are clear.

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Selecting LED Strip Lighting

Choosing LED strip lighting for your home or place of business may seem simple but there are a few things that you’ll need to take into consideration if you’re to make the right choices about the strip lights you select.

While you need to look at the length of the strip, you also need to focus on the amount of LED lights in each strip to ensure it delivers the illumination and effect desired. This can be determined by looking for ‘LEDs per metre’ on the product description. If the lights are spaced too far apart, the effect would be somewhat spotty rather than an uninterrupted strip of lighting.

Another factor to look for is the product’s IP (Ingress Protection) rating which determines how an LED light strip responds to the elements. There are two numbers to each IP rating, the first number shows how well protected the light is from solid objects and the second number shows how well it’s protected from liquids.

To find out more about our LED strip lighting selection or access professional assistance to help you select the right lights for your home or place of work, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Carlton Lighting.

How Carlton Lighting Can Help You

Our vast industry experience and extensive selection of lighting fixtures is a winning combination that makes us uniquely qualified to assist both companies and individuals who wish to upgrade their lights with more energy efficient units. In particular, we have a fantastic selection of LED strip lighting that is perfect for both residential and commercial applications, available at some of the most competitive prices you will find anywhere in the country. Customers who are not quite sure which type of lighting is most suitable for their needs can rely on our in-house experts to help them choose the perfect fixtures for their property and to suggest ways in which they can maximize the energy savings that LED strip lighting has to offer.
Whether you are thinking about replacing a few lights in a residential property or upgrading the whole lighting system in a large commercial development, Carlton Lighting will provide you with all the assistance you need. To find out exactly how we can help, please do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our expert consultants during business hours. Alternatively, send us an email whenever you wish and we will get back to you at a convenient time.