Beware of online companies with no contact number or fixed address. Purchasing things online can be very convenient as you can do it from the comfort of your own chair and have the goods delivered right to your door. But what happens if it all goes wrong?

There are a lot of online companies that portray themselves as a big substantial company but are nothing more than a one man band working from their home office or garage. Most of these companies carry no stock on hand and simply buy the lights from a supplier once they have your money and get them sent directly to your address. These companies have no knowledge of lighting and when things turn up that aren’t expected, there is no way of contacting them to get the problem rectified.

Our website has a fully maned showroom open 7 days a week, where if you like you can actually come in and see the products before you take them home and if for instance there is a breakage you can actually bring it back to the store. If you have any questions about lighting we have trained sales staff to answer all your technical and design questions.