Did you know that lighting expenses account for nearly 30% of your monthly electricity bill? Lighting is undoubtedly an energy gobbler in your home. But, with minimal effort and some small measures, you can save energy with your home lighting. By saving energy, you won’t just reduce your electricity expenses. Your contribution in saving energy will have a positive impact on our environment too! So, how about making a few small changes with your lighting?

Reduce wattage

This one is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Rather than buying the same high power lamps for all your rooms, you can choose wisely. An overly lit room is a waste of power and money. So, buy the bulbs who power rating matches the purpose of your rooms. By reducing wattage, you can save a lot of energy. And moreover, reducing the wattage by 10-15% on your existing lighting won’t be discernable to the eye too.

Switch to energy efficient bulbs

By simply replacing the incandescent lamps with energy-saving CFLs and LEDs, you can reduce your energy consumption by 60-80% per bulb. Isn’t that great? However, don’t let their low power consumption fool you. In fact, CFLs and LEDs are extremely bright and will light up your room with bright white light. These lamps will also last longer than your traditional bulbs and will get the biggest bang for your buck with LEDs. For a full range of LED lighting, visit our dedicated page.

Consider using solar powered lamps

Illuminate your pathways with solar powered lamps. These lamps are equipped with an internal rechargeable battery that uses Sunlight to recharge itself during the day. So, for outdoor lighting, you should give a thought or two about using solar lamps. Your outdoor lighting energy consumption will be virtually zero. A couple of caveats, though: These solar lamps may require you to shell out a bit of money for a good quality one.

Keep your lights clean

So far, we have focused our attention of changing the existing lighting fixtures and installing new components. But, doing something as simple as cleaning your light bulbs will save a lot of energy. Surprised? Well, read on!

A dusty bulb will obstruct a lot of light. So, if you notice your room isn’t as bright as it used to be, don’t just fit an additional lamp. Pay attention to your existing bulb and lampshade. You might notice that they are buried under a layer of dust.

These are some of the simplest and the most effective ways to save energy on home lighting. If you looking for innovative and state-of-the-art solutions, get a few motion sensors installed. Lights equipped with motion sensors turn on only in the presence of someone in the room. So, if you are someone who forgets about turning lights off when not required, these motion sensors are your best bet to save energy.

Some of the most popular home lighting includes; pendant lights, spotlights, oyster lights and downlights.